Lankaran Springs Wellness Resort


Daily price from 50$
Lankaran Springs Wellness Resort
Lankaran, Azerbaijan
Wi-Fi (Lobby)
Wi-Fi (Room)
Air Conditioner

“LANKARAN SPRINGS WELLNESS RESORT” is the newest health and resort complex and is located in one of the most beautiful places of Azerbaijan - Haftoni village of Lankaran, 250 km south of Baku. A health center has functioned on this territory since 1958. "LANKARAN SPRINGS WELLNESS RESORT" is one of the most efficient balneological resorts in the world. This place is well known for its unique "Istisu" (which means "hot water") healing springs. The complex is surrounded by a beautiful mountain-forest landscape and is only 10 minutes from The Caspian Sea and 15 minutes from the Lankaran International Airport. The complex with a unique architectural style consists of a hotel building, a wellness center, equipped mineral springs, a children's center, and covers an area of 11 hectares. The guests are offered a wide range of thermal procedures, prescribed by highly qualified doctors. They can also enjoy delicious dishes of local and foreign cuisine, enjoying the most beautiful view of nature from the open terrace of the main restaurant. «LANKARAN SPRINGS WELLNESS RESORT» has on its territory:

182 comfortable rooms (145 standards, 25 superior, 10 families, 2 king suite)

Community Springs Hamam (bath) open for the public

Outdoor swimming pools and Valley Bath springs

Children’s entertainment center

2 restaurants: the main one in the lobby and cafe lounge on the 9th floor, a SPA bar and a cafe in the children's center

The restaurant on the open terrace in warm weather

SPA center, including massage, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, sauna and Turkish Hamam (bath)

Medical and wellness center with qualified medical staff

Conference room of 190 sq .m · Meeting room of 47 sq. m.



Car parking

Walking and entertainment park

Facilities for people with disabilities

24-hour security

Transfer service to the beach


Air conditioning



Satellite channels in different languages



Shower and bath

Tea and coffee

Drinking water


Room service

Spacious balcony with a unique view

Pool and SPA:

Indoor and outdoor swimming pools for adults and children

SPA salon/lounge


Steam bath

Turkish bath

Medical springs

Fitness center with modern equipment

Medical massage and Balinese massage

Rooms for wellness mineral water procedures



Darts and other games

Water games




Ping pong


Children’s entertainment center

Disco and evening entertainment

Entertainment programs for children and adults

Medical Centre:

Guests are offered to enjoy the services of the modern medical and wellness center with qualified medical staff:

Ultrasound diagnostics

X-ray diagnostics




Doppler sonography of limb vessels

Modern full-range laboratory

Therapeutic package

Cardiologic package

Neurologic package

Rheumatologic package

Gynecological package

Dermatologic package

Endocrinology package

Dentist services

Mineral hydrotherapy


Underwater massage

Charcot's douche




Mud therapy

Hydrocolono therapy

Ozone therapy

Medical massage

Anti-aging treatments

Istisu thermal spring:

Today, 12 springs are functioning on the territory of "LANKARAN SPRINGS AND WELLNESS RESORT". Five water sources out of them emerge from the earth in the form of a well. All sources are investigated at the National Medical Research Center for Rehabilitation and Balneology of the Ministry of Health of Russia (FGBI "НМИЦ РК"). By chemical composition, the mineral waters investigated from these five wells and five holes belong to low-mineralized and moderately mineralized waters with a total salinity of 3.9 g/dm3 - 8.6 g/dm3, to sodium chloride and calcium chloride waters, and are recommended for drinking and external use. By chemical composition, the mineral waters investigated from 2 sources belong to highly mineralized waters with a total salinity of 17.5 g/dm3 and 20.5 g/dm3 and are recommended for external use. The chemical composition of the investigated mineral waters is rich in useful microelements and ions of potassium, sodium, calcium, stable strontium, total iron, chloride ions, hydrogen carbonate ions, phosphate ions. Other normalized microelements, including compounds of the nitrogen group (ammonium, nitrates, nitrites), heavy metals (mercury, lead, etc.), as well selenium are also detected. Medical indications of GOST 54316-2011 confirm that in case of regulatory use of the well waters can effectively deal with the following diseases:

Circulatory illnesses: hypertensive disease ischemic heart disease essential hypotonia cardiomyopathy peripheral arterial and vein disease

Diseases of the nervous system: damage to different nerves, roots, and plexuses, disorders of the vegetative nervous system, disorders of spinal cord and brain, diseases and after-effects of injuries and operations of the central nervous system

Musculoskeletal disorders: rheumatic diseases affecting joints with minimal activity of the inflammatory process degenerative diseases of the joints and spine osteopathy and chondropathy

Chronic nonspecific bronchopulmonary diseases: chronic bronchitis and chronic pneumonia in remission

Diseases of the digestive system: diseases of the esophagus, stomach and duodenal ulcer (reflux esophagitis, chronic gastritis with normal or low acidity, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer) bowel diseases of the liver gall bladder, bile ducts pancreas, disorders after surgical interventions

Endocrine diseases, eating disorder and dysmetabolism: diabetes, alimentary obesity, metabolic syndrome, gout

Skin diseases: chronic eczema, atypical dermatitis, psoriasis residual effects from burns and freezing injuries, cicatricial changes, tissue trophic disorders

Diseases of the kidney and urinary tracts: chronic pyelonephritis in remission, chronic cystitis

Diseases of male genital organs: chronic prostatitis, vesiculitis, epididymitis

Chronic inflammatory diseases of the female genital organs: salpingo-oophoritis, endocervicitis, cervicitis

1, Sultan Aliyev Street, Village Haftoni, Lankaran


Daily price from 50$
Lankaran Springs Wellness Resort
Lankaran, Azerbaijan
Lankaran Springs Wellness Resort
Lankaran Springs Wellness Resort
Lankaran Springs Wellness Resort
Lankaran Springs Wellness Resort
Lankaran Springs Wellness Resort
Lankaran Springs Wellness Resort
Lankaran Springs Wellness Resort
Lankaran Springs Wellness Resort
Lankaran Springs Wellness Resort
Lankaran Springs Wellness Resort
Lankaran Springs Wellness Resort

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Daily price from 50$
Lankaran Springs Wellness Resort
Lankaran, Azerbaijan

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